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Blue Lightener

Blue Lightener

Compact blue bleaching powder with moisturizing and restructuring action
Ideal for fine hair, already treated and sensitized, for natural and colored hair
Mix 1:2 with all Fanola oxygens and Violet Peroxide.
Use the scale for perfect and precise dosing
Mix well to obtain a soft, creamy and homogeneous texture.
The technical service to obtain a perfect blonde is a journey that must be carried out in stages and with the use of appropriate and efficient professional products.

Formulated with the Osmo Protector active ingredient, it achieves total protection, not only of the disulfide bonds, but of the entire keratin structure, resulting in maximum hydration during and after the bleaching service.
It acts by promoting the adhesion of water molecules to the hair, thus protecting it from aggressive chemical agents.

Thanks to the patent-pending moisturizing and restructuring technology, the hair is protected even during the bleaching treatment and the color is more luminous and uniform.
and uniform.

Blue Lightener is used for bleaching services from a dark base (level 3/5). The blue pigment counteracts the orange tone during fading.

Vegan, silica-free, paraffin-free

Brightening levels 7
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