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Diamond Bleach

Diamond Bleach

Framesi Decolor B Diamond is an ultra-refined powder bleach with a texture similar to that of icing sugar. Once mixed, the bleach takes on the consistency of a creamy, whipped frosting. Diamond peels off much faster than any other powder bleach. Diamond helps achieve clearer results in minimal time. Safely bleaches hair to remove even the most difficult cosmetic colors.

Framesi Decolor B Diamond contains diamond powder that enhances the shine of the hair, delicately smoothes and polishes its surface, making it more compact. As a result, hair reflects light perfectly for long-lasting luster and shine.

  • Diamond Technology - exfoliates, polishes and reflects light.
  • Allows you to quickly obtain up to 9 levels of lightening.
  • Provides ultimate conditioning and protection
  • No dust: less awareness, more safety in the living room.
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