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Duo 5 Star Barber

Duo 5 Star Barber

№ 56272

5 STAR LEGEND HIGH-END: The best long-range trimmer for gradients (0.8 to 2.3 mm). V9000 electromagnetic motor with 50% more power. With “crunch” blade technology for a clean, even cut. Lower blade with longer teeth and improved tilt lever providing greater reach for more efficient cutting. Lever that can adjust the inclination and texture of the cut without having to change the blade. Ideal for gently degrading and blending impeccably. 5 STAR HERO PREMIUM: Powerful and durable DC rotary motor. High precision “T” blades made from high carbon steel for flush cutting, finishing and patterning. The Pro-Set tool aligns the blades perfectly for very close cutting. Corded use for continuous power. Lightweight and compact.

  • The trimmer features “crunch” blade technology for a clean, even cut.
  • Finishing mower features high-precision carbon steel “T” blades
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