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5 Star Magic Clip Lithium Trimmer

5 Star Magic Clip Lithium Trimmer

№ 56390

Corded/cordless operation. Lithium batteries are more durable than standard NiMH batteries. Contains special cells that provide more current, and therefore more power and torque. Powerful and durable rotary motor. Battery life of 100 minutes with a 2 hour charge. The magic is in the blade! Equipped with a new “STAGGERED TOOTH” blade with “CRUNCH” technology which allows for regular and rapid cutting. Alternating Cutting Edges: The offset-tooth blade features tall, square teeth that alternate with small teeth, as well as an improved tilt lever, giving better reach and more efficient cutting. Tackles larger, denser amounts of hair in one go without slowing down or pulling. Lever that can adjust the inclination and texture of the cut without having to change the blade. Ideal for precisely degrading and blending. Careful lightweight and ergonomic design. Universal voltage.

  • Professional corded/cordless fade-out precision trimmer
  • Lithium ion
  • “STAGGERED TOOTH” blade with “CRUNCH” technology which allows for a more regular and faster cut
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